• “Goshka Macuga: To the son of man who ate the scroll”

    Fondazione Prada | Milan
    Largo Isarco 2
    February 4–June 19, 2016

    Curated by the artist

    Goshka Macuga takes over two venues of the Fondazione Prada with an exhibition that comprises approximately forty works executed in various media by Macuga and a handpicked assembly of artists including Phyllida Barlow, Hanne Darboven, Giorgio de Chirico, Fischli & Weiss, and Dieter Roth. Contemporary pieces, juxtaposed with ancient Egyptian artifacts, reflect on the eternal dynamics of collapse and renewal, a theme that is memorably broached in the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel (“Then he said to me, ‘Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you . . .’”), from which the show takes its title. The exhibition is accompanied by a substantial catalogue featuring essays by Macuga, philosopher Rosi Braidotti, physicists Ariane Koek and Lawrence M. Krauss, curator Dieter Roelstraete, and anthropologist Michael Taussig.