• Natalie Czech, Il pleut by Amilcar Packer (It Rains by Amilcar Packer), 2014, acrylic on C-print, 33 1/2 × 20 7/8". From the series “Il pleut by Guillaume Apollinaire” (It Rains by Guillaume Apollinaire), 2012–14.

    “Natalie Czech: One can’t have it both ways and both ways is the only way I want it”

    Centre Rhénan d’Art Contemporain Alsace
    Altkirch, France
    June 16–September 18

    Curated by Elfi Turpin

    With an incisive focus on material and textual detail, German artist Natalie Czech’s conceptual photography appropriates modern poetry as method. Her meticulous reading requires the ability to see what isn’t really there: A 2011 C-print, for instance, highlights a Jack Kerouac lyric (“all I see is what I see”) lodged in a 1965 memo typed on Art International letterhead declining further contributions from artist/critic Donald Judd. CRAC Alsace will present more than forty works that parse language, code, and sign in Czech’s series “Critics’ Bouquet,” 2015; “Poems by Repetition,” 2013–15; “Il pleut by Guillaume Apollinaire” (It Rains by Guillaume Apollinaire), 2012–14; and “Voyelles” (Vowels), 2013–15. Seven new commissions from her latest corpus “to [icon],” 2015–16, picture digital icons traced over the geometries of quotidian objects. Life imitates format, to real and poetic effect.