• Yngve Holen, Hater Headlight, 2015, scooter headlights, powder-coated steel, 11 3/8 × 14 1/8 × 26".

    “Yngve Holen: Verticalseat”

    Kunsthalle Basel
    Steinenberg 7
    May 12–August 7, 2016

    Curated by Elena Filipovic

    Yngve Holen’s cannibalization of technological objects has yielded sculptures that feature the obscene orifices of fishnet-bound CT-scanner facades and the dreadful alien gazes of wall-mounted scooter headlights. Such products will make up the array of roughly forty new and recent works in his largest institutional show to date, the title of which nods to an airline scheme to pack in passengers at cut-rate prices. Holen’s reference to the explicit class stratification and corporeal bondage of commercial air travel is characteristic of his interest in the dialectic of aspiration and restriction within technologically mediated life. Expect to see elements of Boeing Dreamliners and a Porsche Panamera alongside the third issue of the publication ETOPS—the research arm of Holen’s operation, edited with Matthew Evans—devoted to gourmet food and the political ecology of the rain forest.