Bucharest Biennale 7: “What are we building down there?”

Various Venues
May 26 - July 17

Curated by Niels Van Tomme

Some of the most interesting thinking about biennials today is coming from curators who are abandoning standard exhibition formats, staging a season of performances, for example, or a series of talks instead. The team organizing the seventh Bucharest Biennale is making one such radical departure, shifting the focus away from traditional venues and on to twenty-one advertising billboards scattered throughout the city. For the Brooklyn-based Van Tomme, the decision is partly practical and mostly conceptual, a bold response to the strange, multifaceted phenomenon of postsocialist privatization in Romania. Van Tomme has enlisted twenty-one artists—including Adelita Husni-Bey, Nasan Tur, and Brendan Fernandes, and many who work collectively or in pairs, such as Metahaven, Lehman Brothers, and Visible Solutions LLC—to take up the challenge of reacting to a political and economic landscape with singular images that will inevitably become a part of that landscape, whether celebratory or critical or somewhere in between.