• “Kienholz: Five Car Stud”

    Fondazione Prada | Milan
    Largo Isarco 2
    May 19–December 31, 2016

    Curated by Germano Celant

    The work of Edward and Nancy Reddin Kienholz is by now so deeply ingrained in the contemporary art world’s collective consciousness that it’s easy to forget just how profoundly strange and unrelentingly thorny it is. Riotous, excoriating, and often brutally blunt, the Kienholzes’ oeuvre—comprising everything from scabrous riffs on racism, sexism, and militarism to more subdued takes on loneliness and ennui—remains surprisingly, and lamentably, as relevant to American culture today as it did at the time of its initial conception.This show will bring more than two dozen of the artists’ installations, drawings, and assemblages made between the late 1950s and early 1990s to foreign shores when it opens this spring at three locations within the Fondazione Prada’s Milan complex.