• Willem de Rooij

    Domstraße 10
    October 15, 2016–February 19, 2017

    Curated by Klaus Görner

    A kind of grand finale to a trio of recent solo shows held over the past few years, this exhibition brings together floral bouquets, handwoven tapestries, a sportswear line by Dutch fashion designer Fong Leng, and an installation of decontextualized press photographs depicting “riots, protest, mourning, and commemoration.” The variety of Willem de Rooij’s recent output will thus be on full view—as will older works made with his longtime collaborator, Jeroen de Rijke, who died in 2006. In all these works, a seductive visual clarity is polemically entangled in questions of authorship and intentionality, cultural and political history, and art’s relationships to non-art traditions and practices. De- and reframing the divergent expectations we bring to flowers, news, craft, art, and fashion, de Rooij pointedly messes with our hierarchies of desire (for beauty, simplicity, critique, knowledge) to insist that aesthetics is both powerful and always more than it seems.