• “Kelley Walker: Direct Drive”

    Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
    3750 Washington Blvd.
    September 16–December 31, 2016

    Curated by Jeffrey Uslip

    “Direct Drive”—a reference to the motors used in high-speed hard drives—is an apt subtitle for this first US survey of an artist who brought both Pop and appropriation art into the twenty-first century. Technology (digital and analog) serves as Kelley Walker’s subject and informs his processes, which include breaking apart color prints sourced from news images into separate CMYK layers, repurposing silk screens as supports, and cutting up a MacBook Pro to create a sculpture. Less a midcareer retrospective than a showcase for Walker’s continuing exploration of new media, this exhibition of more than forty works from 2002 to the present—complete with two fully illustrated catalogues—highlights a number of works in two and three dimensions, including the artist’s celebrated series “Disasters,” 2002; “Recycling,” 2003–; “Black Star Press,” 2004–2008; “Brick Painting,” 2006–15; and “Volkswagen,” 2010–14, as well as new pieces created especially for this showing.