• Jitish Kallat, Annexation (detail), 2009, black lead, paint, pigmented resin, steel, 72 1/8 × 59 1/8 × 51 1/4".

    “Jitish Kallat: Here After Here”

    National Gallery of Modern Art | New Delhi
    Jaipur House, India Gate
    January 14–April 1, 2017

    Curated by Catherine David

    Shortly before the start of World War II, Mahatma Gandhi wrote a passionate letter advocating peace over war. It began “Dear friend . . .” and was addressed to none other than Adolf Hitler himself. This historic epistle is projected on a screen of fog in Jitish Kallat’s immersive installation Covering Letter, 2012, which will feature among the roughly 140 works in this midcareer retrospective. Curated by Catherine David, “Here After Here” gathers together painting, photography, videos, and installations spanning twenty-five years. Organized nonchronologically, the exhibition promises to bring into focus the Mumbai-based artist’s long-standing investigation of speech, the self, urban life, and history—themes conveyed via burnt-adhesive alphabets, a rickshaw made of fiberglass animal bones, and images of rotis (Indian flatbreads) that seem to wax and wane like the moon.