• “Yuki Kimura: Inhuman Transformation of New Year’s Decoration, Obsolete Conception or 2”

    CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art
    1111 8th Street
    December 1, 2016–February 25, 2017

    Curated by Jeanne Gerrity and Leila Grothe

    This commissioned installation manifests Japanese artist Yuki Kimura’s subtle activation of subjective and multilayered encounters with the photographic. With Table Stella, 2016, Kimura presents two very similar found photographs printed on the surfaces of three pairs of tabletop-like Dibond supports laden with ashtrays. In a world of e-cigarettes and immaterial image-data files, her use of outmoded objects directs our attention away from the items’ original functions to suggest new, more playful operations determined by their very materiality. A pair of large, almost identical wall-mounted photographs with accompanying twin mirrors implicates us further in dualities of meaning and the coexistence of past and present.