• Seth Price, Untitled, 2016, UV-cured print, acrylic, and synthetic polymer on board, 60 × 60 × 5".


    Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
    Museumplein 10
    April 15–September 3

    Curated by Beatrix Ruf, Leontine Coelewij, and Achim Hochdörfer

    In “Dispersion,” his influential open-ended essay begun in 2002, Seth Price poses a question animating his long- standing preoccupations with technology, digital culture, and the rituals of consumerism: “Suppose an artist were to release the work directly into a system that depends on reproduction and distribution for its sustenance, a model that encourages contamination, borrowing, stealing, and horizontal blur?” Featuring more than 150 works produced between 2000 and the present, Price’s Stedelijk retrospective will showcase the multidisciplinary range of his responses to this prompt, which include vacuum-form plastic reliefs, photography, digital paintings, drawings, clothing, and video. The catalogue features a superb roster of contributors, among them Cory Arcangel, Ed Halter, Achim Hochdörfer, Branden W. Joseph, John Kelsey, Michelle Kuo, Rachel Kushner with Laura Owens, and Ariana Reines. Travels to the Museum Brandhorst, Munich, Oct. 12, 2017–Mar. 18, 2018.