New York


Whitney Museum of American Art
99 Gansevoort Street
July 1–September 1, 2017

Curated by Elisabeth Sherman and Margaret Kross

From the vintage virtual realm of Neopia (home to magical Neopets) to online communities of Columbiners (devotees of the 1999 Colorado high school massacre), the young multimedia artist Bunny Rogers mines the morbid, sentimental, and emboldening cybermythologies of girl culture to produce talismanic objects and sorrowful installations. Her sensibility is inimitable—she finds impossible, resonant connections between disparate images or events—and her exquisitely handmade or fabricated objects, as well as her videos, are united by a startling, mannered aesthetic. Many of her sculptural works—her dyed and beribboned mops, for example, or her melted cafeteria chairs—possess the seductive and often frightening air of having stepped out of a 3-D rendering and into our world. This is but one of the artist’s powers, though; Rogers is an innovative, confrontational poet and performer, too, and there’s no telling what she’ll do on the occasion of her first institutional exhibition, for which she’s producing an entirely new body of work.