Ginny Casey, Balancing Act, 2017, oil on canvas, 70 × 75".



ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
University of Pennsylvania 118 South 36th Street
April 28–August 6

Curated by Charlotte Ickes

A bulbous, raunchy anthropomorphism runs through the paintings of Ginny Casey and the sculptures of Jessi Reaves. Casey’s paintings, featuring cool-toned, swollen hands and vases, and Reaves’s furniture-based constructions both confront the life of the decorative object. While these emerging artists clearly share a fascination with the everyday, the most striking common aspect of their practices is an uncanny, subtly grotesque emphasis on the body as it assumes the forms of (or interacts with) household objects. This two-person show features more than thirty recent works, several made for the occasion, and comes on the heels of Reaves’s critically heralded interventions at this year’s Whitney Biennial. Accompanied by a catalogue featuring essays by Ickes and art historian Julia Bryan-Wilson, the show pushes beyond the rote feminist strategy of the appropriation and inversion of the domestic to explore something far creepier.