Alexander Kluge, . . . kommt ein Schiff gefahren ( . . . a Ship Sails This Way), 2017, various film formats transferred to digital video, color and black-and-white, silent, 15 minutes 19 seconds. From “The Boat Is Leaking. The Captain Lied.”



Fondazione Prada | Venice
Ca’ Corner della Regina Santa Croce 2215
May 13–November 26, 2017

Curated by Udo Kittelmann

What do film, photography, and theater have in common? Architecture. That seems to be the straightforward but intriguing premise buried within the rhetoric of this self-styled “transmedia exhibition,” which brings together director Alexander Kluge, a pioneer of New German Cinema; photographer Thomas Demand, known for his pictures of painstakingly constructed models; and theatrical designer Anna Viebrock, whose innovative sets and costumes have appeared in stage productions around the world. Although the three are longtime friends and interlocutors, they have never collaborated directly; Kittelmann believes this dilemma is rooted in the fact that they operate in distinct creative fields. His solution offers Fondazione Prada’s Venetian outpost—a three-story eighteenth-century palazzo—as not just a shared venue but a kind of common language, inviting the three practitioners to work together to transform the building’s interior into a polyvalent environment.