• Ieva Epnere, untitled, ca. 2006, ink-jet print, 16 1/2 × 23 5/8". From “How to Live Together.”


    Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier
    Museumsplatz 1 & at Karlsplatz
    May 25–October 15

    Curated by Nicolaus Schafhausen

    The political developments that have recently shaped our societies seem characterized by their ability to highlight the exclusionary social boundaries of modern life. Curator Nicolaus Schafhausen draws on these boundaries and their histories not so much to demarcate lines of conflict as to envision scenes of change, renewal, and the potential transformation of the measures of shared life. This exhibition will bring together some of his longtime collaborators, such as Liam Gillick, Willem de Rooij, and Kai Althoff, alongside a younger, more diverse group of producers, including Binelde Hyrcan, Goshka Macuga, and Ieva Epnere. Whereas in shows such as “Political Populism” (2016) and “Populism” (2004) Schafhausen drew on art’s capacity for critical distance, “How to Live Together” aims to produce proximities.