Duane Hanson, Woman with a Laundry Basket, 1974, oil paint, cardboard, resin, talc, fiberglass, fabric, plastic, approx. 65 × 33 1/8 × 27 1/2". From “Hyper Real.”



National Gallery of Australia
Parkes Place
October 20, 2017–February 18, 2018

Curated by Otto Letze and Jaklyn Babington

Since the late 1960s, sculptors around the world, including John De Andrea and Duane Hanson, have been creating eerily lifelike simulacra of human bodies, first through traditional techniques of modeling, casting, and the careful application of paint, and later by learning from the film industry’s special-effects fabricators in order to generate utterly fantastic, often digitally assisted visions of alternative realities. Featuring a provocatively diverse assortment of practices, this traveling exhibition tracks developments in hyperrealism over the past forty years, spotlighting artists ranging from Hanson and De Andrea to younger prodigies, including Ron Mueck and Sam Jinks, as well as seeming outliers such as Berlinde de Bruyckere. The show has been expanded significantly for its Australian debut—a fitting development, given the easily forgotten enthusiasm with which artists in that country took to hyperrealism. Travels to Kunsthal Rotterdam Mar.–July 2018.