• Amalia Pica, In Praise of Listening, 2016, granite, marble, oil paint, silicone tubing, dimensions variable. From the series “In Praise of Listening,” 2016.


    The Power Plant
    231 Queens Quay West
    September 29–December 31, 2017

    Curated by Carolin Köchling with Nabila Abdel Nabi

    Pica’s sculptures and performances are calls to action: They implore us to look, listen, and participate. Political subtexts—addressing everything from military dictatorship to governmental bureaucracy—inform the London-based artist’s practice; for this show, she mines the architecture of war and the obsolescence of technology. Building on her 2010–12 sculpture Acoustic Radar in Cardboard, Pica will exhibit new works in the same material, these based on early sonic equipment used by the British after World War I. The series “In Praise of Listening,” 2016, adds a distinctly civilian device to the show—these biomorphic, abstract stone sculptures are scaled-up hearing aids that make the commonplace monumental. The catalogue is copublished with the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, which will feature Pica in another exhibition this November.