• Thomas Struth

    Aspen Art Museum
    637 East Hyman
    January 19–June 10, 2018

    Curated by Heidi Zuckerman

    Whether homing in on grand museum galleries, prosaic city streets, intimate family gatherings, or elaborate mechanical devices, Thomas Struth’s gaze has long been trained on the component structures and environments of human sociality. But for all the submerged complications filling Struth’s images of the Louvre’s halls and NASA's research facilities, can these sites hold a candle to the thicket of conflict and history that defines contemporary Israel and Palestine? This is the question driving the Aspen Art Museum’s exhibition of eighteen photographs Struth shot over a series of visits to the region between 2009 and 2014, comprising a pair of intimate family portraits as well as sixteen monumental landscapes of East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Ramallah, Hebron/Al-Khalil, Nazareth, and the Negev. The Aspen show promises a unique opportunity to see the region’s tensions—and Struth’s own work—in newly sharpened focus.