• Cliff Hengst, My New Reality, 2016, Flashe paint and acrylic on canvas, 66 × 44". From “Tag: Proposals on Queer Play and the Ways Forward.”

    “Tag: Proposals on Queer Play and The Ways Forward”

    ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania
    University of Pennsylvania 118 South 36th Street
    February 2–August 12

    Curated by Nayland Blake with Kate Kraczon

    This winter, the ICA will assemble a motley crew of artists who navigate identity politics with more than a dozen works in video, installation, photography, sculpture, painting, and performance, hinting that the ever-thorny topic requires not just a multiplicity of voices but diversity in media and approach. Featured among these will be A. K. Burns’s video installation Living Room, 2017–, in which A. L. Steiner, nude save for a head wrap, slumps over the edge of a white tub (riffing on Jacques-Louis David’s Death of Marat, 1793). A handful of text-based paintings by Cliff Hengst will also be on display, including one composition that declares: 49 YRS OLD / HIV+20 YRS / FAT & FKD UP (Fat and Fucked Up, 2015). Arnold Joseph Kemp will be represented by HEADLESS, 2016, a sculpture consisting of a pair of metallic-silver Fred Flintstone masks skewered by a forked metal frame. Savannah Knoop (the artist formerly known as JT LeRoy) and Robert Yang (a specialist in homoerotic video games), among others, will also enter the fray.