• “Arieh Sharon: The State’s Architect”

    Tel Aviv Museum of Art
    27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd, POB 33288 The Golda Meir Cultural and Art Center
    April 13–September 1, 2018

    Curated by Eran Neuman

    Born in Poland in 1900 as Ludwig Kurzmann, Arieh Sharon immigrated to Palestine in his teens, and then moved to Germany to study architecture at the Bauhaus in Dessau in 1926. After working in the Berlin office of Hannes Meyer, Sharon went on to design more than six hundred projects before his death in 1984. Appointed by David Ben-Gurion to head the Department of Planning in 1948, the architect spearheaded the “Physical Plan for Israel,” commonly known as the Sharon Plan, which assimilated the thousands of Jewish immigrants arriving in the Middle East and contributed to the hegemonic groundwork of the Zionist nation-building program. Accompanied by an extensive catalogue, this first comprehensive exhibition will present more than two hundred drawings, models, photographs, sketches, and videos, spanning Sharon’s entire career and demonstrating how he earned the title of founding father of Israeli architecture.