• “Analia Segal: Contra La Pared”

    The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
    258 Main Street
    May 20–September 23, 2018

    Curated by Richard Klein

    Ever since Charlotte Perkins Gilman set her protagonist against the walls of the room that provoked her hysteria in “The Yellow Wallpaper” (1892), we’ve been reckoning with the Janus face of domestic design. Haven or prison, the interior is fodder for Argentine artist Analia Segal, who remembers her childhood home in Buenos Aires as decorated with the paranoia of living under a military dictatorship. The title of her exhibition at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum—which will feature an installation comprising works in sculpture, furniture, and textiles alongside the animated video trilogy Inland, 2012–18—translates to “against the wall” or “cornered.” Indeed, these works are suggestive of the ways in which space can invite or alienate. Segal turns to the substrates of such projection—carpets, tiles, wallpaper, and window blinds—to subtly intervene in architectural space and in  the viewer’s perception of it.