Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
    Museumplein 10
    October 27, 2018–February 24, 2019

    Curated by Leontine Coelewij

    Bubbly fonts, floral doodles, medicinal pinks, buttercup yellows, and rolls of toilet paper: These are motifs and hues one might expect to find decorating a day care or in a supply closet. Lily van der Stokker liberated such unassuming forms and scoff-worthy aesthetics long ago, fluffing her conceptualist gestures with the pathos of the pooh-poohed. This survey of the Dutch artist’s work, focusing on her output from the late 1980s to the present, will include drawings and wall paintings, such as the proudly declarative I am an artwork and I am 3 years old, 2004; the Jeanne Dielman-meets-crafting-hour assemblage The tidy kitchen, 2015; and the pink sculptures that comprised “Huh,” her serenely dotty 2014 exhibition in New York. A selection of videos made by the artist’s late partner, Jack Jaeger—an artist, curator, and editor, who put out eight issues of Zapp, a quarterly publication focused on video art—will also be included for further context on Van der Stokker’s enviably tender world.