Centre Pompidou
Place Georges-Pompidou
September 12–December 10, 2018

Curated by Christine Macel and Mark Godfrey

For decades, Franz West’s garish biomorphic sculptures, profane furniture­-cum-art, and irreverent participatory displays have been ubiquitous on the global contemporary art circuit. Following the Austrian artist’s death six years ago, and subsequent legal disputes over his estate, this retrospective promises to pause and take stock, to look at West’s art closely and assess it from an art-­historical distance. The curatorial duo taking on the task is poised to deliver: Christine Macel programmatically placed artistic practice back at the center of the last Venice Biennale, and Mark Godfrey has proved his commitment to deeply researched, and thus fresh, monographic accounts. We may see an entirely new West. Travels to Tate Modern, London, February 20–May 12, 2019.