Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo (MUAC)
    Insurgentes Sur 3000 Centro Cultural UniversitarioDelegación Coyoacán
    October 20, 2018–April 7, 2019

    Curated by Pilar García

    The political events of 1968 had a direct effect on Mexico’s art scene. As that year’s Olympic host, the Mexican government planned a concurrent celebratory art show titled “Exposición Solar” that many leading art- ists rejected for its conservative premise. Seeking to break with the formalist styles and pro-government stance of earlier generations, and angered by mounting government repression that culminated in the infamous Tlatelolco massacre of student activists, a defiant young cohort that included Vicente Rojo, Felipe Ehrenberg, Marta Palau, and Helen Escobedo autonomously mobilized to organize large-scale counterexhibitions for the first time in modern Mexican history. In addition to supporting the street protests with an ephemeral mural, the artists held three independent salons between 1968 and 1971. Those salons introduced avant-garde practices and transformed the relationship between art and state. A reconstruction organized by the Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo will feature more than 150 artworks, artifacts, and historical documents, offering a panoramic study of the creative efforts of that turbulent period.