Kunsthalle Basel
    Steinenberg 7
    January 18–May 5, 2019

    Curated by Elena Filipovic

    Do you know why love is shown in the shape of a red heart? The narratives in Wong Ping’s beguiling animations revolve around obsessions not only with every kind of human appendage—long noses included—but also with things: Popsicles, sweat, teeth, turnstiles, and videotapes. It’s exciting, then, to hear that Wong’s first institutional solo exhibition will focus on his wonderfully visceral videos (including the sequel to Wong Ping’s Fables 1, 2017, which will debut here) as well as on his bemusing sculptures and installations, existing and newly commissioned. Like the answer to his question about love—a heart is the shape of a lover’s lips when you are lying down beside them—these objects will reveal vivid new perspectives on Wong’s world.