The Menil Collection
    1533 Sul Ross Street
    February 15–May 5, 2019

    Curated by Michelle White

    Roni Horn makes her haptic drawings by slicing and pasting, painting and dusting, reading and writing. Some are involved with problems of geography and mapping, of knowing where one is and where one is not; they are alternately utopian, nonsensical, and philosophical, charting terrain more imagined than real, more felt than known. Others play with similarity and symmetry, only to thwart those varieties of sameness, such that two small red shapes can induce a reverie about the relations between love and likeness. When Horn takes to cutting up language—notably that of Gertrude Stein—her eye-crossing and tongue-twisting images get at the very heart of how we struggle to make meaning. Installed in the Menil Drawing Institute, this two-part exhibition (the second chapter goes on view June 7) is a profound example of an artist reclaiming her time.