Sharjah Biennial
    Al Shuwaiheen Arts Area, Sharjah

    Various venues

    Curated by Zoe Butt, Omar Kholeif, and Claire Tancons

    After a trio of single-organizer shows, the Sharjah Biennial returns to the multiple-curator model it used throughout the 2000s, presenting three discrete exhibitions that together investigate the phenomenon of the “echo chamber,” the uncanny bubble of self-validation that alienates us from others and diminishes our capacity to understand and negotiate difference. Zoe Butt will investigate cultural and political “tools” that enable and obstruct human mobility, adopting a key anthropological term to analyze the present. Omar Kholeif will tackle the way in which emerging technologies recalibrate our experience of time, embodiment, and subjectivity, while Claire Tancons proposes opacity as a mode not only of resistance but also of imagination, challenging the retinal privileging of transparency, legibility, and presence through aesthetic and social forms that willfully slip under the radar. The curators propose the biennial itself as an alternative echo chamber, a structure through which otherwise marginal and suppressed voices can be concentrated and amplified, resonating through and across a multiplicity of generations and geographies.