Goseriede 11

    Curated by Christina Végh and Lea Altner

    Whether through sleek display cabinets, animatronic robots, or multigenerational chronicles woven into tapestries, Goshka Macuga enacts a type of séance within her exhibitions, calling forth the hosting venue’s ghosts. For this show, her installations, sculptures, textiles, and collages will face the spirits of the Bauhaus on the occasion of its centenary, drawing out the conflicts that existed within the movement as well as its relationship to the Kestnergesellschaft. In addition to supporting new commissions made in collaboration with lighting designer Michael Anastassiades, the show will provide important context for Macuga’s older works that pay tribute to Alexander Dorner, El Lissitzky, and Lilly Reich. A catalogue with texts by curators Christina Végh and Lea Altner will be published in August.