Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M)
    Avda. Constitución, 23

    Curated by Anna Manubens

    In Wendelien van Oldenborgh’s films, polyphony is not merely a musical texture; the artist layers dissonant voices—of academics, hip-hop artists, and activists alike—that collectively propose new social imaginaries. A Certain Brazilianness, 2004–2008, the earliest of seven pieces that will comprise this major exhibition of van Oldenborgh’s work, foreshadows the subjects that recur throughout her oeuvre: namely, neglected political histories and unvoiced contemporary positions. The architectonic installations in which her moving images are often presented reflect the prominence of architecture in her films, in which iconic buildings are framed as witnesses to colonial and modernist ideologies. We can expect her oeuvre to strike a chord with local audiences, as the Catalan question continues to cause gridlock in Spanish public discourse.