Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo (MUAC)
    Insurgentes Sur 3000 Centro Cultural UniversitarioDelegación Coyoacán

    Curated by Miguel A. López and María P. Malavasi

    Artist-run spaces as well as initiatives advocating for alternative and experimental practices have been instrumental to the circulation of modern and contemporary art, especially in places where cultural institutions are lacking or exclusionary. In such cases, individuals sometimes become pioneering cultural forces—take Virginia Pérez-Ratton, an artist who worked in Costa Rica from the 1980s until her untimely death in 2010. She directed museums, curated biennials, wrote, lectured, and published, all with the aim of introducing regional artists to the larger art world. In 1999, Pérez-Ratton founded the platform TEOR/eTica in San José, Costa Rica. Its current curators, Miguel A. López and María P. Malavasi, will honor her in an exhibition at muac this summer, showcasing the work of more than a dozen contemporary artists whom Pérez-Ratton promoted. By celebrating this exemplary woman, the show and its catalogue will also illuminate a history that has yet to be written in this region.