The Andy Warhol Museum
    117 Sandusky Street
    May 17–September 1, 2019

    Curated by Jessica Beck and Benjamin Harrison

    In 1988, Sonic Youth borrowed an Eric Emerson monologue from Warhol’s Chelsea Girls (1966) for the lyrics of the Daydream Nation track “Eric’s Trip.” In 2019, on the occasion of her institutional debut, the Andy Warhol Museum has flipped the script by commissioning Kim Gordon to score Warhol’s silent Kiss (1963–64). Alongside Sound for Andy Warhol’s Kiss, which Gordon recorded live in the Warhol’s theater with guitarist Steve Gunn and experimental rock stalwarts Bill Nace and John Truscinski, “Lo-Fi Glamour” will feature a selection of Gordon’s sloganeering paintings, glitter-adorned sculptures, and figure drawings from the past decade. (Though she attended the Otis Art Institute [now the Otis College of Art and Design] in the 1970s, Gordon’s art career remained largely on hold during Sonic Youth’s reign.) A limited-edition LP of the score will be for sale in the museum’s store but not online—discophiles, a visit to Pittsburgh is in order.