Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier
    Museumsplatz 1

    Curated by Anne Faucheret and Vanessa Joan Müller

    In 2017, the Vienna Biennale—titled “Robots. Work. Our Future”—addressed technology’s role in the ongoing transformation of human labor. Under this year’s theme, “Brave New Virtues: Shaping Our Digital World,” the Kunsthalle Wien, one of the Biennale’s host venues, will open the concept of the “human” to a feminist critique, focusing on the ways in which gender is defined by technology (and vice versa, as evidenced by the recoding of coding as masculine labor). “Hysterical Mining” will include roughly twenty-five works by approximately twenty international artists, from Trisha Baga to Veronika Eberhart to Tabita Rézaire; many of their works counter the ubiquity of frictionless images by emphasizing sensual materiality. In addition to producing a booklet for “Hysterical Mining,” Kunsthalle Wien will copublish a guide to the larger Biennale with MAK Wien.