Lenbachhaus Munich
    Luisenstraße 33
    September 17, 2019–January 19, 2020

    Curated by Stephanie Weber and Anna Straetmans

    For more than forty years now, the formidable black American artist Senga Nengudi has been transforming our notions of what constitutes performance, sculpture, and photography. Indeed, in her extraordinary series “R.S.V.P.,” begun in the mid-1970s, the once-Los Angeles–based artist—she relocated to Colorado Springs at the end of the ’80s—continues to evocatively combine man-made materials, such as pantyhose, with natural elements, such as sand and rock. In this valuable survey of nearly fifty pieces, which will be accompanied by a catalogue featuring essays by Kellie Jones, Malik Gaines, and others, the seventy-five-year-old will show an impressive swath of her oeuvre, from “R.S.V.P.” to her powerful recent work, in which she continues to explore the relationships among her body, herself, and society. Travels to Museu de Arte de São Paulo, spring 2020.