The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
    258 Main Street
    October 6, 2019–April 5, 2020

    Curated by Amy Smith-Stewart

    Eva LeWitt’s vibrant, wall-spanning compositions quite literally hang in the balance. Each piece must be assembled on-site, as the artist deploys the properties of her primarily synthetic materials in an intricate calculus that leverages the weight of one element against the pliancy of another. LeWitt offsets the industrial accents of her materials with manual interventions, whether she’s hand-cutting swaths of latex or vinyl or pigmenting and polishing the polyurethane foam “pellets” she uses for ballast. The artist tends toward an eclectic, electric palette with varying levels of transparency, which allows the installation to take on new dimensions as light filters through the surrounding environment. Anchored in a site-specific commission, the exhibition at the Aldrich will be the artist’s first solo museum show. An accompanying catalogue will include an essay by exhibition curator Amy Smith-Stewart.