• “Think of Them as Spaces: Brice Marden’s Drawings”

    Menil Drawing Institute
    1533 Sul Ross Street
    February 21–June 14, 2020

    Curated by Kelly Montana

    Brice Marden has said that he starts his work “far away and end[s] up really close.” He continues, “Usually, when I am drawing, say with a brush from a distance, I always close in on it and I end up working it with a knife. . . . It’s like going from the vague to the specific—closing in on it, focusing.” Likewise for the viewer: You want to keep getting nearer to the work. Rather than trying to be all-inclusive, this first survey of his works on paper since 2001 delves deeply into a few important themes—including, for instance, thirty-five studies for the 1988–91 “Cold Mountain” series among nearly one hundred works made between 1975 and the present. It should provide a welcome opportunity both to take an overview and to focus on the minute particulars of this storied oeuvre. Travels to Kunstmuseum Basel, June–September 2021.