• “Radio-Activity”

    Lenbachhaus Munich
    Luisenstraße 33
    February 18–August 23, 2020

    Curated by Karin Althaus and Stephanie Weber

    In a 1932 essay, Bertolt Brecht suggested that the relatively new medium of radio had the potential to achieve a key aim of his “epic theatre”: the transformation of a passive, receptive audience into a critical, creative public. “Radio is one-sided when it should be two-,” he wrote, proposing that it should “let the listener speak as well as hear.” Adopting the playwright’s provocation as a title and premise, curators Karin Althaus and Stephanie Weber are mounting an exhibition focused on artists and collectives who, during the 1920s, ’30s,’60s, and ’70s, retooled communication channels toward utopian communal ends. The fifty or so works in the show include Weimar painting, the manifestos of Munich’s Gruppe Spur, Dutch artist Jacqueline de Jong’s Situationist Times, and Argentine polymath Xul Solar’s invented languages—all fertile precedents for activism in our age of media consolidation and online echo chambers.