Palais de Tokyo
    13, Avenue du Président Wilson
    October 17 - January 6

    Curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel

    The Palais de Tokyo will be entirely given over to Tomás Saraceno this fall—enough room, finally, to lay out the true nature of his practice. Forget the question of medium; it is too small. Caught between architecture and sculpture? Not really. Think in plotlines. In the suspense between balloons and spiders, dust particles and scientific collaborations, Saraceno works to cross-limit conditions: He finds his space of operation on the other side, in the air that supports life. He integrates, jumps forward—an action artist—with projects, prototypes, and new music. We are asked to take the leap, too, and see what it is like to live beyond borders, in floating cities or countries, in the wind, in outer space. Really. This air brings practical utopias, not puffs of smoke. Can we breathe differently in 2018? Saraceno says yes.