San Francisco

Fletcher Benton, Don Reich, Lundy Siegriest

Gumps Gallery

Fletcher Benton is coming into his own with the Big Landscape-paintings carved out of large framed areas, alternately flat on the surface and reaching deep into space. There’s meaning in his controlled splatter effects and a propulsive power in his big, rapid, semi-calligraphic gestures. The gleaming varnish is somewhat questionable as it gives an impression of streamlining. But time will tell. Benton’s mixture of action painting with still life works beautifully in some of his smaller canvases, although there seem to be a few kinks to be ironed out. Are some too crowded? Surely not that gem of a blue, green and mustard in the corner. The three Reichs of this show are the three best Reichs your reviewer has seen. Sometimes his composition is rather lopsided but the characteristically subtle playing of light against solid, line against mass, comes across. The Lundy Siegriest section is not quite so potent, although there are some dramatic revelations of hidden light.

Arthur Bloomfield