Los Angeles

Group Exhibition

Paul Kantor Gallery

Works by leading exponents of abstract-expressionism including Pollock, de Kooning, Motherwell, Guston, Gottlieb, Baziotes and Rothko. The sole California contribution is a powerful early non-objective Diebenkorn painted with Gorky-like passion which time may prove to be one of the most important works of those shown. Pollock’s No. 19, executed in 1948, is an open painting on a sparse white field delicately daubed with pale, gentle colors enclosed by restrained, lyrical black drips. It is a symbolic affirmation of the freedom enjoyed by today’s artists. A small oil by de Kooning is a typical example of earth and sky speeding through a color spectrum in the family of that fascinating blue and orange which is so peculiarly de Kooning’s. A monochromatic gouache by Gottlieb is made up of writhing, dark, serpentine forms sizzling with movement and energy. The exhibition as a whole is a welcome one and whets the appetite for a more extensive viewing.

Arthur Secunda