San Francisco

Pat Tavenner, Lewis Carson

Labaudt Gallery

A very lively and amusing show, devoid of the cryptic or pretentious aspects likely to afflict an artistic language which pays its respects to dadaism. Perhaps this is because the visual elements work here, and any philosophic implications are up to the viewer. Superficially there isn’t much difference between Miss Tavenner and Mr. Carson. They seem to work as a team, with the lady leading the way with a driving imagination. There are at least two principal motifs in Miss Tavenner’s output. One is concerned with action paintings of figures which sit casually in the midst of, indeed are composed of, slashes of paint and plastically handled paper. There is a touch of Tchakalian here, but the colors are black and brown and the size of statement somewhat smaller. Brown corrugated paper becomes her canvas in some scrappy mixed media works which have a down-at-the-heels but stiff-upper-lip sort of approach, like Announcing, a greeting card with a difference. Carson has hit upon the poignancy of the defunct movie house in an assemblage involving an old poster board. The moldiness takes a more pastoral quality in his weather-beaten door.

Arthur Bloomfield