San Francisco

Ron Bosc, Gerald A. Wasserman

Edward Quill Gallery

The Quill Gallery specializes in very young artists, a most interesting spot in which to find fresh talent. For example, there is Ron Bosc and his Red Lady. A very valid approach to the figure. Bosc’s control of tonal value and brushwork directs the viewer’s eye up, through the varying background and body shades, to the culmination at the yellow-green head. Bosc is but 20. Red Lady is a very significant work for one so young.

Gerald A. Wasserman is another case in point. A midwesterner trained in Chicago, Wasserman is essentially linear in his stylings. His Mediterranean travels introduced the stylistic mannerisms and simple color of Etruscan, Greek and Romanesque frescoes as seen in Iberian Predella Piece and Dinner Alfresco. Wasserman’s primary purpose is to decorate, exulting in color and the Mediterranean sun. This he does with professional polish.

Robert Olmsted