Los Angeles

Al Wein

Michel Thomas Galleries

Varied works covering a span of almost ten years by a highly skilled draftsman who shows himself to be equally at home in many mediums and styles. Indeed, in his paintings at least, this may be his undoing: the self-conscious insecurity of not feeling at home with any one personal idiom, (even taking the retrospective nature of his exhibition into consideration). His sculpture is executed in galvano bronze, which allows him free play with materials of varied malleability, texture and character. Though small in format, monumental in concept, especially the better pieces such as Saint France and Three Sisters. They appear particularly well suited for an architectural environment. Somewhat oriented to cubism, these sculptures have a lyricism and geometric grace which lend his figures a serene, plastic humanity. Certain recent paintings, notably Sybil and Red Wave, come off quite well, lacking the dated, impersonal decorativeness of a good part of the earlier works.

Arthur Secunda