Los Angeles

Leonard Cutrow

Santa Monica Gallery

Leonard Cutrow is holding his first one-man show of drawings at the Santa Monica Gallery during June. Long recognized for his painting, draftsmanship and teaching, Mr. Cutrow is a dedicated craftsman and virtuoso experimenter. His show is the product of a continuing search for communication through symbol and technique. The artist utilizes a broad vocabulary of materials and ideas—papers, cloths, boards, ink, pencil, charcoal, wash, three foot stick-pens. None of these tools or materials are used for themselves but as vehicles to free the artist from cliche and standard habits of the skilled hand and the dulled sensibility. This exhibition is titled “The Viewers, 1962” and, as indicated, Mr. Cutrow interests himself in the figure but with a knowledgeable abstract organization and without phony literalism. It is time for the community to recognize a serious artist who has been working quietly among us for 20 years.

Gerald Nordland