Los Angeles

“Los Angeles Businessmen Collect Art—Rembrandt to Picasso”

Barnsdall Park

“Los Angeles Businessmen Collect Art—Rembrandt to Picasso” is the mouthful of a title for the Municipal Art Department’s current Barnsdall Park installation. 77 works are loaned by fifteen collectors and six corporations in addition to a group of photographs illustrating recent architectural commissions in eleven new business buildings. A great deal of the painting and sculpture is quite dull. Many of the great names included in the show are represented by works of mediocre quality. Highlights of the collections are the Rubens’ Portrait of Phillip IV, and the group of Rembrandt etchings. A beautifully painted Arp bronze is another entry of importance. Mr. Edward Janss loans three works of rather more daring taste than is typical of the show: a large Rothko oil, a Burri Sacco, and an assemblage by Bruce Conners. Another collector who shows considerable understanding is Mr. George McMurray, whose 19th century American paintings are of special merit.

Gerald Nordland