San Francisco

Nell Sinton and Melvin Moss

Bolles Gallery

Linger over these Sintons: there’s a great deal going on in them, and they add up to wonderfully productive gardens of flowering color. For me, paintings like Lake Tahoe and Green House are more successful than Victorian Interior, possibly because of their intriguing central lighting and the thrust—easy-going but assertive—of the many snatches of design which form the whole.

Moss’ sculpture is uneven. When there’s breadth to his work, witness that grand orange “propeller,” or wit, as in Don Quixote, with its face out of The Wind in the Willows, or plaintiveness, demonstrated by a cow sticking her head around a wall—that’s when Moss convinces. When he seems to be simply playing with steel or English cement, that’s another matter.

Arthur Bloomfield