Los Angeles

Roy de Forest

Dilexi Gallery

Roy de Forest is holding his first local one-man show at the new Dilexi Gallery—the southern branch of the well known San Francisco establishment. A veteran of Bay Area and local group shows, de Forest has unveiled a new technical means in this show. He utilizes an impasto surface that adds variety to his work. Occasionally the chaos of shapes, relief forms, painted strings of dots and stripes falls together with some success, as in the Diary of a Flapper. This work has a unity in vulgarity that recalls Max Weber’s Chinese Restaurant, Severini, and other radicals of 40 years ago. More often, however, de Forest’s object paintings fail to integrate or unify. There is a monotonous sameness about the carved shapes which are applied to the frames and surfaces. The rock and potato forms, birds and geometric devices tend to repeat them-selves as do their spotted madhouse colors. The naive freshness that de Forest’s work had on first viewing has given way to an uninspired picture making.

Gerald Nordland