Gordon Rice

Galerie Lamoi

Rice recently received his M.F.A. from the University of Hawaii; half of the present show is comprised of his “thesis” display at the U. last month. Eight more have been added for this exhibit in Honolulu’s newest gallery.

Rice depicts the joyous, sun-drenched world of nature that so delighted Monet and Matisse. Most of the works are recognizable as landscapes, although it is the sensuousness of pigment and gesture that is the real subject here. Although light is not actually defined the paintings seem flooded with sunshine. They are happy, halcyon. This kind of painting is all very pleasant, but it’s been done before. More interesting is a darker, more non-objective vein of Rice’s. Ocean Painting creates a vaguely ominous mood and is the most individual work on view.

This recently opened gallery is Honolulu’s closest approximation to New York and Paris. Located under the law offices of Nicholas Char in Honolulu’s Chinese section, its spanking white paint and close quarters hold a Parisian atmosphere. Char’s wife, LaMoi, runs the gallery and is a painter in her own right. She and Char plan to glean shows from travels through Europe and the Orient.

Joanna Shaw Eagle