Los Angeles

Louise Nevelson

The content of Miss Nevelson’s golden temples, constructed of odd, discarded wooden ends, table-legs, egg crates and bowling pins, easily and gracefully transcend the materials of their creation. No mere decorative Neo-Dada facade, these strange bits of scrap she assembles so articulately are in fact indigenous to the architecture of her constructions. They are shrines, reliquaries, archaic caskets and fragmented votive reliefs which pay homage to alchemists and sorcerers of another epoch. Each section, or box, of the total, is harmoniously self-sufficient, and, like some bizarre Oriental Game of Chance (I-Ching), the amassed entity appears to be able to work formally no matter what the sequence of its actual arrangement might be. The entire idea of these mystical sculptures is simple and convincing.

Arthur Secunda