San Francisco

Photography at “Arts of San Francisco”

San Francisco Museum of Art

TWELVE PHOTOGRAPGERS ARE REPRESENTED: Ruth Bernhard, Don Worth, William Garnett, Richard Sherman, Bill Gamble, Ross Mandel, Wynne Bullock, Bob Coyne, Jack Welport, Margeret Halderman, Wayne Miller, Barbara Cannon Myers and David Holman.

One immediately presupposes from the hanging of this exhibition in the corridor of the Museum that photography is a minor art unworthy of the full presentation granted to either painting, sculpture or architecture. After all corridors, being access to and from someplace, are really an ideal environment for this media which has no tradition. Proof of the ability of the photographer to transcend the medium and take it from its existing doubtful status right into the realm of art seems lacking. Although all the participators in this exhibition do excellent photography, it remains basically photography and they fail to overcome the deadening effect of the photographs reduction of everything seen, both microscopic and macroscopic, to one format.

John Coplans