Los Angeles

“The Figure: New York”

Felix Landau Gallery

Seeing the work of such notables as Avery, Beauchamp, Elaine deKooning, DeNiro, Goodnough, Katz, Reginald Pollack, Fairfield Porter and Jane Wiison (among others) assembled in such a stately ideological ensemble is more confusing than elucidating. Most have little in common with each other despite the supposed togetherness of depicting figures. This show was a grand mistake for New York and Landau, and simply points up a bad selection, or the improbable fact that this is truly representative of good Eastern figurative painting. One cannot help but wonder how many better figure painters we have in the West than are shown in this exhibition. Consequently this reviewer is suspect of the reasons for this exhibition. With the exception of Leland Bell’s Maison Tellier and Robert Goodnough’s Humorous Figure, there is little of interest here, except for material to be used in chauvinistic arguments.

Arthur Secunda