Los Angeles

Group Show

Dalzell Hatfield Galleries

An over-the-summer “pot-pourri”: A Bourdelle “baigneuse” graces one window, a second figure stands in a niche, an early Epstein portrait head greets one at the door. There are paintings by Oliver Foss, H. Lambert-Naudin and Jun Dobashi. There is a bad Carzou, a 1948 Buffet, and a strong, less glittery-than-usual “intarsia” by Mary Bowling, who remains pre-eminent in this technique. Foss and H. Lambert-Naudin work in a style of glib “savoir-plaire,” colorful impressions of Parisian landmarks, destined for the tourist who wants more than a post-card to prove he was there. (Montmartre, where no French artists live any longer and only tourists congregate, has galleries full of such paintings—in fact, by the same painters.) Best is Dobashi’s Etretat, which evokes the dark cliffs, cold water and wintry sky of that northern coast in a clean, disciplined canvas.

––Joan Hugo